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Residential and Commercial Demolition

Demolition is always a dangerous job, whether it be falling a tree or knocking down a building, you can trust in Schoon Excavating & Farm Drainage Inc. to get the job done safely and efficiently. We pride ourselves in a nice, clean and level site when the job is completed and we won’t leave until you, the customer is satisfied.


Safety is our top priority during any demolition job. Education is something that never stops with Schoon Excavating & Farm Drainage Inc., and being on top of our game when it comes to city bylaws and safety precautions is just one of the things that makes us a quality demolition company. Wall braces, inspection of personal equipment, ensuring that utility lines are shut off—these are just of the few things we do at the beginning of every job before we even start thinking about demolition.

Residential Demolition

The Schoon Excavating & Farm Drainage Inc. team understands the personal connection that often comes with residential demolition. The start for most renovation projects, as demolition contractors we have experience ensuring that the rest of your home stays in perfect shape and none of your belongings are counted as collateral damage.

Commercial Demolition

Demolition on large commercial sites is often part of a bigger construction job. Having worked in the local industry for many years, we are well-acquainted with other local subcontractors and can work well as a team, managing multiple moving parts or just taking direction when we’re required. Every member of our team is able to adapt on the spot to provide the highest quality full-service complete demolition services.

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Construction demolition can be tricky and dangerous, but when you have a team of experienced and dedicated workers on the job you can rest easy knowing the work will get done properly the first time. To learn more about what we can do for your project and book a free assessment, contact us today.